Whitetail Breeding at Buck Valley Ranch

Buck Valley Ranch became a registered Whitetail breeder in 2007. The goal at that time was to be able to produce a sufficient number of quality bucks to support our own hunting operation.

We began by preparing one breeding pen and purchasing 8 bred does. After the fawns were on the ground we purchased one breeder buck. And the learing began in earnest! We proceeded to make every imaginable mistake and some that we really couldn't imagine.

But learn we did. We were committed to the idea that we would fully understand, to the best of our ability, every aspect of what we do.

Over time we grew our breeding facility from one pen to three. Then to 9 and now to 23. We purchased more does and bucks, learing some of the ins and outs of those transactions. We added a handling facility and began bottle-feeding all our fawns. We introduced artificial insemination.

We had really good years and not-so-good years but every year was a year of learning and growth.

Our stated breeding goal has been to produce typical, 180-class, three-year-old bucks. We're successfully doing that now and working to refine our processes.

We now produce more Whitetail bucks that we need for our own hunting operation and a number of quality does. The time is finally right to begin offering breeder bucks, stocker bucks, bred does and open does to other ranches that seek high-quality typical Whitetail deer.

Please contact us to discuss your own plans and needs. We are happy to share what we've learned and eager to show you some outstanding animals.