Classification of Animals at Buck Valley Ranch

Axis Deer

Buck Valley Ranch classifies animals into the following classes:


These classifications have served us well for a number of years. But, the development of our Whitetail breeding program has led us to expand and refine the classifications for Whitetail bucks. By breeding our Whitetail in a controlled environment we carefully select the bucks and does that produce our new fawns. We can also control the release of animals onto the ranch. Our breeding program gives our hunters a selection of better animals to choose from and also changes our objectives for hunting the animals not produced by our breeding program.

The "Cull" classification for Whitetail has been expanded to include all mature bucks scoring less than 100 B&C.

The general "Management" classification for Whitetail has been split into "Management" and "Hill Country Classic". Hill Country Classic bucks are representative of bucks that were native to the Texas Hill Country. This classification includes any buck with fewer than 8-points or that scores between 100 B&C and 120 B&C. Management bucks, scoring from 120 B&C up to 150 B&C, are really nice animals that most people view as trophies. Trophy Whitetail are now the animals that score 150 B&C and up.

Dybowski-Buck Trophy animals are fully mature animals that have outstanding antler or horn development. These animals will score highly using Boone & Crocket or Trophy Game Records scoring systems.

Management animals are mature animals that have excellent antlers or horns but are not expected to ever reach trophy status. These animals may also score highly using Boone & Crocket or Trophy Game Records scoring systems.
Black Buck at Feeder 
Cull animals are animals that have defective antlers or horns. They may be normal on one side and defective on the other or may be mature animals that have small horns/antlers or few points. These animals will normally be at least two and one half years old.

It is noteworthy that because of the extensive nutrition program at Buck Valley Ranch these animals make excellent eating. While Axis has the reputation at the best tasking, Blackbuck have also proven to be excellent eating and are a ranch favorite.

Axis Deer Herd