Hunting Blinds at Buck Valley Ranch

See photos below.

Buck Valley Ranch has custom-built box blinds, elevated box blinds, tree stands, ladder stands and permanent ground blinds placed in strategic locations throughout the ranch. These blinds have been placed to provide a variety of habitat that will allow hunting game under varying conditions.

The box blinds were designed to accommodate two people, the hunter and a guide. But all stands are large enough for three so that a parent and child or husband and wife can hunt comfortably together, while accompanied by their guide.

Each box blind has darkened windows on all four sides and most blinds are placed to provide shooting lanes in three or four directions. Comfortable chairs on rollers are provided and carpeted shooting platforms are provided at each window.

The elevated box blinds have both horizontal and vertical windows to accommodate both rifle and bow hunters.

Several of the tree stands have a single swivel seat while others have a two-person bench seat. When bow hunting you will hunt alone after being transported to your stand by your guide.

Located near each blind is an automatic feeder that distributes corn at prescribed times.

Hunting Stand at Buck Ranch Hunting Blind at Buck Ranch  Hunting Stand at Buck Ranch Hunting Stand at Buck Ranch Ground Blind Ground Blind Elevated Box Blind Tree Stand